From the Ashes we shall Ascend.

Recently on a very smoky Sydney morning I had connected and queried whether to host another “Calling in the rain meditation”. I was unexpectedly taken on quite the journey while connected to Source. I wish to share this in the hope that it explains more to us as individuals and as a collective, whilst reminding us that we can make a difference through energetic contributions and by coming from love. Let us not lose sight of the power we hold as loving collective.… Read More From the Ashes we shall Ascend.

Now Is The Time To Shine Brighter.

Remember the darker events seen on the world stage are an indicator that its beneficial to shine brighter for each other and continue to bring in awareness. It is the awakening of the masses, which is already underway, that will bring about the evolutionary shifts on Earth. Be a part of this simply by choosing to stay in tune with your loving essential self. Be the mirror of something undeniably omniscient.… Read More Now Is The Time To Shine Brighter.