Entering the Age of Truth

What you live isn’t always you, it is through you. When lived like this the river of wisdom runs deep below the surface of anything that is perceived in general terms.

The underground rivers connect information and, in ancient times, were a way to share such information so that those in control above, in fear, would not know of such dissemination to prevent it. (I’m shown an era resembling Mesopotamian times.)

There was a light reflected from the top of a neighboring hill, so strong that it penetrated the eyes of all. Many bowed down instantly in reverence for it was a light like no other. Whilst lasting only minutes it seemed to shine for hours. It was a process of active illumination. Give the people something undeniably tangible and they shall believe. They will speak of this for decades to come.

The light codes fall to Earth now. In pockets they are distorted and interrupted in flow and yet in other patches stronger and connected seamlessly.

The ascension of energy is real, it rises upwards. If it were scientifically recognised methods would be in place to document this. Humanity has not yet discovered this nor explored it to devise such mechanisms to track and measure.

I was told, “Only you can close your eyes and you see it as tangibly as the words you write on this page.” For which I did witness it ever so clearly in it’s pure brilliance all around Earth.

You are collectively shedding energies of violence, war and mass death. You are collectively shaking free of inhibiting structures, inequities and black smoke exhaled formerly over the environment. Your metallic cities will start to look more shiny, your emerald grass greener, your eyes will view with more crystal clear clarity.

You individually herald in more truth in your lives as does the very same truth sweep across the globe. A layer is lifting for you all to observe more clearly. Yes you will see it in each other’s eyes… the truth. The truth irrespective of whether you aim to shield it from one another. A truth so undeniable that it lingers. It cannot be forgotten.

You are all entering an age of truth. It will hurt in ways at times, yet as you know, it also sets you free.

Go now, find your truth within. In the rubble of your lives that have been turned upside down lie the gems waiting to be discovered. Pick yours up, observe it, turn it around and be ready to own it. For this sparkling piece was always there, only it required the destruction of perceived reality for you to find it amongst the subsequent rubble and debris of change.

Hold on to this gem. It is indestructible and leads the way.

Love, light and peace to all sentient beings,

Sin 💛🙏🌟

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