Divisive times call for more love.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we come back to awareness of how we are in the moments. It is so easy, even potentially addictive, to want to push our perspectives on another, believing we know best. But do we? 

There is a higher intelligence and it truly knows best. The more we return to faith knowing that what is unfolding has greater purpose, we can free our hearts and return to love.

Of late, I have found myself passionately arguing my beliefs. But to what end? It is akin to catholic vs protestant debates in history. Did it ever end well? Of particular concern is hearing stories of families and even marriages being affected adversely by differences in political, or otherwise, opinion. It is easy to cling tighter and tighter to our beliefs and forget that truth is something else entirely. Beliefs really are our perspectives. Truth is what sets us free and so if you’re feeling constrained or limited or defensive or angry you will know you’ve moved away from truth.

Remember to choose love. I urge you to choose each other first. For whenever we find ourselves poles apart (and polarised) you can be sure we have stepped away from the centre where love always exists.

Please be aware when you are getting stuck in duality, believing your side is holier than the other. We then risk losing the love for each other in the abyss in between.

We are the creators. We can call in the new peacefully together. After connecting to Source last recently, I was reminded to let go of the debate and stay focused on bringing in more calm and faith. I am not special, nor more powerful than you. Together though, we can do our best to focus on peaceful reconciliation and transformation in the US for example. We can impact on this positively. We know everything is energy. What energetic contributions will you make? This is still a powerful truth we have yet to integrate as a collective… our ability to call in that which we desire, en masse and transform the world around us through our individual thoughts, words and actions.

Let’s do this. Spread such portentous truth and watch as it unfolds closer to the vision of harmony, peace, equality, love and abundance for all.


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