The World Is Shifting.

The World Is Shifting.

The world is shifting. You continue to observe evidence of this all of the time. You view new initiatives that support communities to grow stronger or that aim to reduce waste, the emergence of more and more ethical clothing companies who believe everyone in the world deserves to earn a fair wage, large successful protests by citizens to protect their environments.

Even most large corporations now have corporate social responsibility programs because many are no longer happy to simply make a company rich, we want to know that in some way we are making a difference.

Compare these few examples with how people were living even 100 years ago and you clearly see that humanity is evolving.

Yes, there are those that hold onto archaic ways and this most often stems from their approach to life whilst coming from an imbalanced ego. Let us not judge, rather send them love and light on their journey with the positive intention that they too may grow and learn in this lifetime.

One of the reasons you notice that the world is shifting is because this is a reflection of your own expansion. You believe in this beautiful gift of human evolution and so you seek out the evidence to support this. You are co-creating your reality.

Because you want the world, or more accurately humanity, to be kinder, more inclusive, more unconditionally loving and caring of one another you behave like this. You model loving acceptance and compassion towards all others around you including your family and child/children and so you are sculpting your world.

You and many others are consciously choosing this reality and so it exists and continues to reach more and flourish. This is manifestation at its most precious: when the human collective deliberately chooses to desire and be the loving way that they want all to experience.

Make no mistake, more and more of you are arriving at this beautiful awareness and selecting the options full of love and higher frequencies.

Continue to come from your deep love of one another, for Mother Earth and her exquisite inhabitants. You are leading the way. Your peace and calm is inspiring others to question themselves and their realities.

Your open hearts allow love to pour through and affect so many both in your surrounds and energetically across the globe.

Cultivate the utopian visions and share them with others. Remember collectively you can overcome any mental or practical obstructions for you are creative, clever and you are each Divine. Create the world that you want your children to live in, as well as yourselves.

This starts with wonderful you. How perfect? Each day you can step forth into the world knowing that you’re making a significant contribution simply by coming from love and compassion.

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War Won’t Always Exist.

War Won’t Always Exist.

Humanity walks a gentle path alongside the sea shore. The waves tenderly lapping at collective feet and refreshing the sensors at the tips of many toes. Into the distance multiple eyes view the future and place stones of best intentions into the sea to be carried away slowly like seeds that will later germinate. You let go of the stones, trust in the tides and know that your new vision will spring forth on the destined shores. 

Right now on foreign shores realities are challenged with fear and violence. Security seems a privilege of the past. The days are filled with gun fire and hunger and the nights with sorrow and the desire for escape. Many have forgotten that these people are your brothers and your sisters, their children your kin.

In this forgetting some are capable of actions of anger and violence. They will exist in their ego and do what it takes to win. 

And yet there can be no winner when power is taken from another. 

Whilst ever someone loses there can be no victory for you are, dear humans, brothers and sisters. 

These wars you wage, the injustices you serve, the violent crimes you commit in the name of a symbol, a flag, a leader, are always viewed by future generations as barbaric and unnecessary. For you continue to evolve as does your understanding of history. Your compassion continues to collectively develop and there will be a time when war will no longer exist. 

Humanity, on a global scale, will no longer desire to live the same mistake repeatedly. 

More and more of you in this lifetime continue to disagree with war, despise it even. Your media sends you images and stories to justify these happenings and still inside your tummies and your souls, even your hearts, you do not want this. You feel powerless as you witness your governments, your armies and forces force their power on to others. 

What if you were all to turn your backs on war, if you stood tall together and deliberately faced the other way, away from the war stories in the papers or on the news? What if you refused to read online updates or share them or comment on them? 

What if you all looked the other way, over the horizon of the sea and put your attention on how the world and humanity could live harmoniously and peacefully? 

What if you focused on this, felt it to be true and desired this? Believed in it? 

There is your answer. There is your life-altering answer.

The Utopian Visions Are Real.

The Utopian Visions Are Real.

Sparkling jewels in the earth, you may not see them but this does not mean that they don’t exist. Dreams and visions in your mind’s eye, others may not see them but this does not mean that they are not real. Prophecies are shared and utopian possibilities planted.

For deep down you feel that the tide is turning, that waters will cleanse. This is not apocalyptic floods or destruction. This is the cleansing of minds and souls on a large scale – refreshing and invigorating.

There are many of you like worker ants beneath the earth’s surface toiling away. Creating alternative routes for thoughts to travel, raising future worker ants with their hearts set on a vision of you all coming together, looking after each other.

Have you noticed those around you who talk of living communally? This is a return to the tribal ways of living and learning together, raising the young and supporting the old. The ego systems that have developed may appear clever in ways and in some respects they are. Yet your souls crave something so much more. Connection. Integration. Harmony. Sharing.

The planks are starting to be placed across the bridge that take humankind to the other side of consciousness. There are more and more of you who crave realness and depth of connection. More and more of you who desire equality and honesty. More and more of you who want the best for all tribes regardless of race and religion.

You will walk across this bridge with your families, your children, friends and your tribes. You will not sever the bridge to those who remain on the other side. Why? You know in your hearts that all are growing and learning. Make no mistake, others are awakening or will. Perhaps not in your time frame but in theirs.

Compassion is the key. For whenever you act out of compassion you will cast judgement aside. Patience will replace frustration. Hope will replace fear. Love will replace anger.

Focus your attention on how you desire the one earth tribe to be. Keep your gaze on this harmonious vision of enlightened souls collectively growing and you will see the magic happen. Do this for your children, your spouses, your neighbours, your friends, everyone. Expand your compassion and embrace the change.

Remember humans cannot stop change. Your history and evolution is evidence of this. The Renaissance was manifested by many who believed in the light.

Hold your heads high, open your hearts and smile. Smile because you know that the utopian visions are real. Smile because each time you do, you are one step closer to manifesting change on a global scale.

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