“Discover Your Dream and Live It” – online workshop.

“Discover Your Dream and Live It” – online workshop.

Do you have a clear vision of your dream or are you ready to discover or refine what it is you would like to create or bring to life? Maybe it’s a business idea, a career change, an innovation, a project or aspiration. Come journey with me (and other supportive attendees) as we explore your desires, set your dreams alight and clear the path ahead for your dream to breathe fresh life.


Discover Your Dream and Live It workshop will be delivered online in four sessions over Monday nights in March 2018, commencing on Monday 5th, 8pm AEDT. You can book in for an individual session or attend all four at a discounted rate.

Participants will have the opportunity to take part in an experiential exercise that leads you deeply within to rediscover your essence and your very own calm centre that you can later tap into at any time. Tools will be provided so that you can continue to do this in the future.

This workshop will focus on clarifying your key desires, with some added magic, so that you can send forth your individual requests to the Universe, ready to be answered in reality. Choose one main area to focus on be it a business idea, project, or goal.

Your unique combination of talents, passions, skills and life experiences mean you offer something of great value to the world and/or humanity. Be supported in being true to you on a daily basis and confident in your positioning to deliver exactly what is needed.

Session 4: Let it Flow (Only available to participants who book in for all sessions)

In this workshop you will be guided to your own flow and experience the dissipation of any blocks, real or imagined, internal or external, and clear your path ahead. Energy work will be used by Sin to help shift any barriers for individuals.

I will collaborate with Source and the Universe when delivering the four sessions of this transformational workshop. As a channel and healer, I will connect so that participants’ receive the pure guidance needed. This will also enable me to energetically clear and shift any blocks and to work the magic with you on your manifesting, particularly and individually in Session 4.

Attend this transformational workshop and create your dream path from a calm space and truly tap into the magic! Gain a clear understanding of your direction and finely tune the tools in your soul’s tool box ready to step out into the world and start delivering on your mission.

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Thrive Through Awareness Of Your Natural Cycles.

Thrive Through Awareness Of Your Natural Cycles.

There is added value in following one’s own natural cycles. Akin to the ocean and her tidal movements, you as individuals have your own ebbs, flows, high tide, low tide and so forth.

When you wake up in the morning you may get an inkling of how you would like your day to be. First connect with yourself to get a sense of your energy level or flow that day.

In particular, when on holidays, you will often find the choice is completely yours. Do you rest in bed a little longer and have a late breakfast or get up earlier to chase the first waves of daylight? These decisions and more are best made in accordance with your own inner cycle.

Similarly at work you may find that you feel a maxim of productivity spilling forth from your entire being. Master those tasks perceived as more difficult or time-consuming. It is like riding a big wave and feeling the energy behind you, carrying you easily. The same applies when working. Use this vitality to get through the larger tasks. Another day may see a more gentle low tide where energetically your natural inclination is sombre and calm, perhaps slower even. Undertake the quieter and less challenging tasks where possible.

Even for the creatives, when experiencing a lull in inspiration, you can choose to focus on the admin tasks or ride the internet absorbing creative designs of others that may not even be related to your field.

You know how it is when the creative juices are overflowing and you don’t even have to think about the actual design, solution, or next phase of your project. This state will flow to you again so rest in your down time in good faith.

Our cycles can be daily, hourly, interspersed in blocks of a month or more. However yours are occurring is the truth for you. No need to push extra hard all of the time.

The space that you give yourself to wind down provides you with big wave energy when later required.

Trust in this. Stay in sync with your energy cycles as much as possible. Be kind to you when you feel low or even diminished. For it is the physical, intellectual and emotional being asking you for quiet moments for energetic restoration.

The energy will be replenished and you have no need to fear otherwise. Rest and restore then truly invite the energy supply for continued circulation. It only completely stops for long periods if you believe this to be the case. Rest and say yes to the energy flowing to every cell.

Do yourself a favour, ask yourself how you are feeling today. Then respond with loving kindness taking your needs in to account.

This is self-love in action – or sometimes via inaction. Both are valuable and underpin your ability to thrive.

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Your Path To Success.

Your Path To Success.

There are paths walked by many and yet not always appropriate for all. Some will diverge, put heads together and concoct the new and different life experiences that they will live during this lifetime and that others can choose to live.

It is not to say that one path is better than another. Simply they are different. From this difference arises more choice and an increase in possibilities. Ideas are given testing grounds and for those whom these paths or even lifestyles resonate with, they will be naturally drawn. For those who do not resonate, they may try to or use their minds and wills to follow the same path but their heart’s will become heavier.

If this is your experience right now perhaps it is time to explore what paths are on offer. Allow yourself to discover the one that excites you. Follow it, trust in the change and know that if it is moving your core and making you feel alive then it is in alignment with your desires.

Perchance, should more of the paths you see not stir a significant interest then it could be timely for you to be the pioneer and charter your own new terrain. It could be a place, a project, a role, a way of solving a challenge that no-one else has knowledge of.

Take courage when undertaking new projects, significant life changes, start ups or implementing your visions, for they are not limited to you and your life. Through you, these initiatives will always contribute to wider humanity, communities, families and most often, your own family. Often times, to live your own life fully, this stepping forth into a not-yet-known experience really is your only choice.

You know that you feel the desire, the pull of this calling, so allow yourself to be the servant of this direction.

You do not need to push, not unless you “believe” that you have to push! Focus on the desire and then allow the flow. The secret here is to notice all of the small gifts along the way for they are here to remind you that yes, this feels good, my desires are becoming realities and the Universe is delivering.

You are all creative for you all create your reality.

Whether it is a reality that fills your soul and heart with joy or one that disappoints, come back to you and survey the beliefs you have. What are your default thoughts that you entertain? What are the opinions you have of yourself and do they support you or undermine you?

Keep choosing. Choose the positivity, choose love, choose possibility, choose to believe in magic and so it will all be yours.

Set your self the small task of checking in with your thoughts for one hour each day. Simply notice what they are. Do not indulge your thoughts and avoid judging yourself for having them. Ok, now what areas or what thoughts or opinions would you like to tweak? How can you transform these to better reflect the happiness, success, or even love that you desire?

Put this into practice. If you tell yourself for example, that your bother is more successful and really has the business brain in the family and you don’t, shift this into a higher more self serving gear. “My brother is so clever at business and how wonderful that I can tap into his knowledge and experience AND add my talent and skill for relating so well to people/customers!” How much better do you feel when you read this?

Eliminate any of the competitive thoughts or comparisons with others. You are you. We all have our unique set of gifts, talents, passions and experiences. Focus on this. All of the other stuff is simply time-wasting static that diverts you from your true course. Do an inventory of all your skills, talents, capabilities, experience and list what gives you ultimate pleasure. This is very important, for when we come from pure desire, we always succeed.

If we are only focusing on money then that’s all you get, money. If you are focusing on all of the joys of success, then guess what? This will be your experience: a joyful exciting journey and success that truly reflects a rich happiness.

You can have it all. Anyone who told you that you cannot, didn’t have it all.

Make your decision today to choose to live a fulfilling and successful life on every level and take note of all of the signs that this is your reality now. Gratitude will only ever bring you closer to your wildest dreams.

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Dream Big For Your Dream Career.

Dream Big For Your Dream Career.

Imagine a clean slate. Pristine, bare and open for all ideas. Then imagine the artist with charcoal in hand applying graceful strokes and expressions on to this canvas. Movements that flow, ideas that are allowed to chase the currents of now until forming this final product of creativity. Is the artist finished? No.

The artist then commences another piece, absorbing what has been learnt and trialled from the former product and building an artistic repertoire for the next creation.

Career choices resemble such processes. You perform a role and absorb many lessons and skills only to transfer these into the next realm of career opportunity. Consider this expression, in what it is that you do, to be transformative. Rather than putting these various roles into boxes for itemising and cataloguing, view these as commonalities and advancements of your unique artistic repertoire.

Invite the Universe to provide all that it is you desire in this doing realm that you call career. For the Universe shall deliver as specifically as the questions you ask.

Dream big and remember to ask for all that you desire. There is magic, like golden dust, shimmering over all the career dreams that you have.

For those who are not yet sure of what this dream career may look like, trust instead that the elements and qualities you wish to use will be applied in a doing incarnation. Focus on these qualities being used in a way that you relish, in circumstances that you enjoy the most.

What we do not know yet can only ever mean expansiveness in opportunity. For this oppeness to what may ensue assures us that there is lots of room for opportunities to manifest.

Similarly if you have a finite idea of the career you are seeking, be sure to send the Universe a clear message about the talents and skills you wish to use and circumstances.

The blank canvas you hold is yours for the creating. Your expressive strokes a co-creation of your dreaming and the Universe’s gifting. Enjoy every moment and keep trusting.

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