Stay in Trust.

Stay in Trust.

I’ve noticed in many sessions with clients or when channeling alone that visions of manifesting are never about the person chasing something. Contrary to popular belief, we do not need to hustle and push for anything. In fact the Universe is more likely to send us a mirror of such actions and we may feel pushed, squashed or pressured even.

The image more commonly delivered to me is one where the desires you have sit on an invisible shelf- not unlike a virtual supermarket.

Here you float with your silhouette trolley, pick whatever it is you desire from the shelf, and once you return home it materializes.

In knowing this, one can also trust that if you need a break, or want to take time out, that the invisible items aren’t going anywhere. They’re there for you always on the shelf, waiting for when you’re ready and in alignment with your desires and ready to receive fully.

Now this means you’re in flow and ready to receive as opposed to allowing your thoughts or ego to behave like imposing security guards at the virtual supermarket entrance, blocking your way. In fact blocking your access to all that your desire.

So take five, take ten, take a week off or slow it down when the body asks you.

The path will always wait for you as will your desires.

They will wait as patiently as your pooch does, for you to return home from work and finally take him/her for a walk. Stay in the magic friends and listen to your bodies.

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Living The Dream.

Living The Dream.

For some time now you have held a dream close to your heart. It has filled you with happiness to think of it coming true and you’ve allowed yourself the languid pleasure of daydreaming about how it will look and feel once experienced. It has nurtured your hope and nourished your faith. Then it starts to materialise.

Suddenly you find yourself caught up in the excitement of it becoming tangible. Then, as if lurking in a dark alley way, fear appears ready to be a game changer. “What if it’s too soon? What if I fail? What if I don’t have what it takes after all to pull this off?” What if, what if, what if.

Your ego comes into play, and oddly enough, does it’s best to undermine your new reality by engaging you in negative self talk.

So here you stand with the very creation that you have dreamed into a manifested/manifesting state and the same you starts to almost talk it out of existence. Yes it’s a quandary but it need not be.

Try this instead. Silence your mind for a moment. Take a few deep breaths, or place your attention on a physical object or landscape, and let your thoughts ease. Now check in with your feelings and take time to describe these to yourself. How do you feel? Where is it warm? Where are you buzzing? Where in you feels at peace? You may discover other sensations like elation, excitement, bliss, wonder, awe and gratitude. Stay in the feeling state a little while longer. Really soak up the abundance of good energy that circulates your being.

Look at your project again – this new reality that you have manifested. With your heart open and excitement coursing through your veins, continue with your leap of faith.

The flow is already coming to you. No need to block it and certainly you won’t want to control this. All that is required is your allowing and subsequent joyfulness at your own creative magnificence.

This is yours. You deserve every delicious feeling that arises. Know that no one can take this away from you, especially not yourself if you stay in faith and the present moment.

Feel more, fear less and keep living the dream.

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Dream Big For Your Dream Career.

Dream Big For Your Dream Career.

Imagine a clean slate. Pristine, bare and open for all ideas. Then imagine the artist with charcoal in hand applying graceful strokes and expressions on to this canvas. Movements that flow, ideas that are allowed to chase the currents of now until forming this final product of creativity. Is the artist finished? No.

The artist then commences another piece, absorbing what has been learnt and trialled from the former product and building an artistic repertoire for the next creation.

Career choices resemble such processes. You perform a role and absorb many lessons and skills only to transfer these into the next realm of career opportunity. Consider this expression, in what it is that you do, to be transformative. Rather than putting these various roles into boxes for itemising and cataloguing, view these as commonalities and advancements of your unique artistic repertoire.

Invite the Universe to provide all that it is you desire in this doing realm that you call career. For the Universe shall deliver as specifically as the questions you ask.

Dream big and remember to ask for all that you desire. There is magic, like golden dust, shimmering over all the career dreams that you have.

For those who are not yet sure of what this dream career may look like, trust instead that the elements and qualities you wish to use will be applied in a doing incarnation. Focus on these qualities being used in a way that you relish, in circumstances that you enjoy the most.

What we do not know yet can only ever mean expansiveness in opportunity. For this oppeness to what may ensue assures us that there is lots of room for opportunities to manifest.

Similarly if you have a finite idea of the career you are seeking, be sure to send the Universe a clear message about the talents and skills you wish to use and circumstances.

The blank canvas you hold is yours for the creating. Your expressive strokes a co-creation of your dreaming and the Universe’s gifting. Enjoy every moment and keep trusting.

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