Marisa De Salvo – Sales Manager

“The second I met Sin, I felt an ease and comfort of her presence.

I was absolutely blown away by Sin’s accuracy, wisdom, and her ability to decipher and administer the most profound messages and insight that has shifted my world at a core level.

Sin has empowered me beyond words, and affirmed my soul purpose, told me what lays ahead in my future, connecting me back with myself once more. She knew details of my personal life, medical conditions I have, my husband, my work colleagues, describing their looks and personality to a tea. She told me of projects that I am currently doing, and the future success of them, which there is just no way anyone could possibly know this stuff! All while providing healing where necessary along the way. I can’t describe it, however my entire life has seemed to transform in the last two days since our session.

Two very special friends who have passed over recently came to say hello during our session. Sin relayed a personal joke between myself and my best friend, that no one else could possibly ever have known. It blew my mind and, of course, my heart.

I have been pinching myself recalling our session thinking “did that just happen?” Sin has a gift like nothing I have ever experienced in my life, and I’m a seasoned healer/psychic hopper I can tell you right now! Sin’s work is truly transformational!”