The World Is Shifting.

The World Is Shifting.

The world is shifting. You continue to observe evidence of this all of the time. You view new initiatives that support communities to grow stronger or that aim to reduce waste, the emergence of more and more ethical clothing companies who believe everyone in the world deserves to earn a fair wage, large successful protests by citizens to protect their environments.

Even most large corporations now have corporate social responsibility programs because many are no longer happy to simply make a company rich, we want to know that in some way we are making a difference.

Compare these few examples with how people were living even 100 years ago and you clearly see that humanity is evolving.

Yes, there are those that hold onto archaic ways and this most often stems from their approach to life whilst coming from an imbalanced ego. Let us not judge, rather send them love and light on their journey with the positive intention that they too may grow and learn in this lifetime.

One of the reasons you notice that the world is shifting is because this is a reflection of your own expansion. You believe in this beautiful gift of human evolution and so you seek out the evidence to support this. You are co-creating your reality.

Because you want the world, or more accurately humanity, to be kinder, more inclusive, more unconditionally loving and caring of one another you behave like this. You model loving acceptance and compassion towards all others around you including your family and child/children and so you are sculpting your world.

You and many others are consciously choosing this reality and so it exists and continues to reach more and flourish. This is manifestation at its most precious: when the human collective deliberately chooses to desire and be the loving way that they want all to experience.

Make no mistake, more and more of you are arriving at this beautiful awareness and selecting the options full of love and higher frequencies.

Continue to come from your deep love of one another, for Mother Earth and her exquisite inhabitants. You are leading the way. Your peace and calm is inspiring others to question themselves and their realities.

Your open hearts allow love to pour through and affect so many both in your surrounds and energetically across the globe.

Cultivate the utopian visions and share them with others. Remember collectively you can overcome any mental or practical obstructions for you are creative, clever and you are each Divine. Create the world that you want your children to live in, as well as yourselves.

This starts with wonderful you. How perfect? Each day you can step forth into the world knowing that you’re making a significant contribution simply by coming from love and compassion.

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The Hidden Potential of Your Vulnerability.

The Hidden Potential of Your Vulnerability.

The most beneficial way we can be with ourselves when we experience vulnerability is to be gentle.

Most often our inner tyrant will crack the whip and demand that we erect that rock solid armour immediately. This means protecting ourselves and can lead to going into defense mode. From this mental space, we will tell ourselves why what has occurred, been said or unveiled, is not true.

We might even land ourselves in denial and risk the opportunity to actually grow from a situation that has arisen to serve our expansion.

If anything we will re-enter the world with sharp edges, cold armour and stern faces making sure we keep others at a safe distance. While we may feel stronger (on the outside) this does not benefit us overall. We limit our personal growth and expansion of self.

The second most immediate response is that of victim. We indulge our vulnerability and feed ourselves more memories and thoughts that serve to undermine our confidence further. For an off-track ego this is an opportunity to rip out all of the former stories and past evidence to render us feeling unnecessarily helpless, hopeless, and wrongly perceiving growth to be pointless.

There is always another alternative response. Sit gently with your vulnerability. Go into to the gooey softness of this exposed sensation (while in a safe space) and feel it. No thinking is required, just feel it. We are in a state that is supremely tender. From this space we have the choice to feel into it and understand it more. We do not need to fear it or push it away. It’s mellow essence has the potential to pacify our emotions if we allow this so that we let go of the overthinking and can be one with the vulnerable experience.

In its own fortuitous manner, we come to discover that vulnerability has its positive attributes.

Our hearts open and the ability to be compassionate is often at its most intense potentiality. Now that you have surrendered to your vulnerable state, let’s work with this to capitalize on the whole encounter. Firstly, I want you to remember that you are not alone in your vulnerability. From your open heart you can hold space for others and to positive recourse.

Place your attention on those in the world who also feel vulnerable right now, a collective of people, a nation even. Breathe in the rawness, the sensitivity, the unknowingness or fear they may have. Now breathe out love, strength, confidence, resilience and hope for this collective.

Next focus on someone you know who is vulnerable in this moment. Apply the same energy breath-work technique. Breathe in the rawness, the sensitivity, the unknowingness or fear they may have. Now breathe out love, strength, confidence, resilience and hope for this collective.

Finally focus on yourself and apply this energy breath-work technique.

You have just sent energetic ripples of healing, love and strength to others.

From your very vulnerable space you have generously supported others AND yourself.

You remember that you will survive sitting in your discomfort, in your vulnerability. While not comfortable, you are aware that it cannot harm you.

When ready, go back out into the world, be gentle with you, and choose kindness in situations and surrounds. You are loved. You are resilient. You have survived much already. You will experience your every day strength again. Until then loving kindness to yourself is key.

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Climbing Your Mountain.

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Climbing Your Mountain.

Climbing Your Mountain.

The universe is made up of change and dynamic shifts. When at one point you feel it is stable and stagnant the plates will shift. It is like reaching a new precipice, it is stable and secure. Yet if the mountain shifts, so to will you climb higher to the next secure precipice.

Life is like this to encourage you to grow, to go higher and to learn more. And with the new found wisdom so too will another experience arrive to stretch you into an even more expansive version of yourself, if you allow it. This is faith. This is growth. This is development of one’s self and one’s soul.

So as you reach for the ledge overhead to pull yourself up, do not worry about those below. They too are growing, learning and climbing the mountain one precipice at a time.

They will always be loved and looked after on their individual journey of spiritual growth and expansiveness of their soul.

Lose not sight of compassion for this is not a competition. There is no clock to race against for time is not the measure of achievements here. It is the ever expanding soul that is the result. There are no opponents to beat. You alone are stretching yourself to learn more, love more, give more, expand your compassion and lengthen your flexibility.

Stay focused on the task at hand. On how you will master climbing the next ledge while balancing compassion and letting go of any ego.

There is no place for ego in the advancement of the spirit. There is acknowledgement of the ego’s cries for attention, yes.

Yet it is our awareness in the moment of these calls for attention, our silent acknowledgement and pursuit of the lesson that is of greater significance.

Send love to the ledges below, to ledges above for no-one is better nor more advanced. You each have your own mountain to navigate, no two mountains are the same. Hence no two climbers are the same.

Yet your journey is the most universal truth that ultimately binds you all.

Focus on that ledge above and in your heart wish all climbers as much success as you so hungrily desire.

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