About Sin

Hi, I am Sin Mariani. I am in my late 40s and live in Sydney with my adorable little family. I do normal things like surf, water ski and make music. I also have a gift. I am able to tap into the Universal Intelligence and deliver the answers to your burning questions.

I connect to the highest, most purest wisdom available to humankind to provide you with the guidance and healing you require right now. This same “Source” provides not only answers, but strategies to support you in life and energy to shift obstacles or blocks. As a channel, I work with light and in my line of work “anything is possible.” My clients always leave a session calm and confident yet excited and ready for the next phase.

Sin_Mariani_and_daughterIt is true in some sessions, that a deceased relative or friend may visit, or a spirit guide or ascended master will be present in a session. I will always ask Source, and then the client, if this is ok. This ensures that the purity and integrity of the guidance I provide is always maintained.

But allow me to keep things simple. If you have never had a channeled guidance session with me before I explain the experience like this:

Imagine you had an unconditionally loving parent, who knows everything about you, and I mean everything! They know you, your life, your mind, your heart, your past, your present, your future, even past-lives. This unconditionally loving parent only ever wants the best for you in all aspects of your life and so is ready and willing to provide you with the guidance that will best help you master your life. If you have a tough decision to make or one you’re not sure of; are facing a challenge in your family, relationship, business, career, health or finances, the pure guidance will flow through me to support you.

I see visions, I hear the answers, at times I feel the client’s emotions or ailments and know when energy work is needed. The service I provide is completely holistic and very effective as a result.

My approach is one that is personal, supportive and uplifting. It’s always a buzz to see clients walk away feeling fresh, clear, positive and burden-free.

If you find yourself unsure of what to do next, are experiencing a challenge in your personal or work life, or wish to move forward, contact me to book in a session.

I provide workshops and seminars to individuals in the community and for workplace teams, including corporate meditation, so please contact me if this has sparked your interest.

Wishing you an abundance of wonderful on your exciting life journey!

Love and light,


Sin Mariani from Downloading Light - photo by Tim Mark Jones