“Discover Your Dream and Live It” – online workshop.

“Discover Your Dream and Live It” – online workshop.

Do you have a clear vision of your dream or are you ready to discover or refine what it is you would like to create or bring to life? Maybe it’s a business idea, a career change, an innovation, a project or aspiration. Come journey with me (and other supportive attendees) as we explore your desires, set your dreams alight and clear the path ahead for your dream to breathe fresh life.


Discover Your Dream and Live It workshop will be delivered online in four sessions over Monday nights in March 2018, commencing on Monday 5th, 8pm AEDT. You can book in for an individual session or attend all four at a discounted rate.

Participants will have the opportunity to take part in an experiential exercise that leads you deeply within to rediscover your essence and your very own calm centre that you can later tap into at any time. Tools will be provided so that you can continue to do this in the future.

This workshop will focus on clarifying your key desires, with some added magic, so that you can send forth your individual requests to the Universe, ready to be answered in reality. Choose one main area to focus on be it a business idea, project, or goal.

Your unique combination of talents, passions, skills and life experiences mean you offer something of great value to the world and/or humanity. Be supported in being true to you on a daily basis and confident in your positioning to deliver exactly what is needed.

Session 4: Let it Flow (Only available to participants who book in for all sessions)

In this workshop you will be guided to your own flow and experience the dissipation of any blocks, real or imagined, internal or external, and clear your path ahead. Energy work will be used by Sin to help shift any barriers for individuals.

I will collaborate with Source and the Universe when delivering the four sessions of this transformational workshop. As a channel and healer, I will connect so that participants’ receive the pure guidance needed. This will also enable me to energetically clear and shift any blocks and to work the magic with you on your manifesting, particularly and individually in Session 4.

Attend this transformational workshop and create your dream path from a calm space and truly tap into the magic! Gain a clear understanding of your direction and finely tune the tools in your soul’s tool box ready to step out into the world and start delivering on your mission.

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