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Communication. Connection. Blog post on Down Loading Light.

Communication. Connection.

You are all light-filled souls creating physical and energetic exchanges. Enjoy the possibilities and soar with passionate flow as intended – connected.


Dream Big For Your Dream Career.

Invite the Universe to provide all that it is you desire in this doing realm that you call career. For the Universe shall deliver as specifically as the questions you ask.


Climbing Your Mountain.

Send love to the ledges below, to ledges above for no-one is better nor more advanced. You each have your own mountain to navigate, no two mountains are the same. Hence no two climbers are the same.

downloadinglight to share universal wisdom with others

Why Economic Debt?

Money is a transfer of energy – simple as that. So how is it that all of these nations have gotten themselves into energetic debt? Because you have opinions and judgements on energy and on what one energetic contribution is worth over another.