Coming From Love.

Coming From Love.

With light comes honesty and integrity. And so when one walks into the light they are surrendering their ego, secrets, untruths and their own self-denial.

This may require some energetic purging, some clearing of old energies and letting go of former behaviours, ideas, activities, even people, who no longer serve your highest good in this life.

This is not to say that one is then entitled to be judgmental for this would clearly indicate that the ego is still having its say and control in perceiving a situation.

The enlightened person looks at all of their brothers and sisters with love and compassion. Where anger once was, gentle understanding can be reached. Where hatred was once felt, an incoming genuine love can be received and sent.

There is no right or wrong. There is only this opinion or that opinion. For either party holding the opinion it will feel completely true and right. Their ego will seek the evidence it believes is required to back up the opinion held. Sometimes it may even occur that a simple truth or fact may be ingested and regurgitated by the ego and later look nothing like its original form. This is humanity’s challenge of mind/ego mixed with belief.

In all of the world arguments, even those close to home, rise above and survey the conflict below. You will see that coming from love could mend them all.

That first truly remembering that you are all one, all from the same source, and all brothers and sisters, that you would cease fighting.

It would only take one long look in the other’s eyes and the willingness to see through to the heart for you to remember this and hug.

The love and care of each other outweighs all differences of opinions. However it takes truly being in the light, truly seeing another and feeling their heart for all conflict to dissipate.

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Living The Dream.

Living The Dream.

For some time now you have held a dream close to your heart. It has filled you with happiness to think of it coming true and you’ve allowed yourself the languid pleasure of daydreaming about how it will look and feel once experienced. It has nurtured your hope and nourished your faith. Then it starts to materialise.

Suddenly you find yourself caught up in the excitement of it becoming tangible. Then, as if lurking in a dark alley way, fear appears ready to be a game changer. “What if it’s too soon? What if I fail? What if I don’t have what it takes after all to pull this off?” What if, what if, what if.

Your ego comes into play, and oddly enough, does it’s best to undermine your new reality by engaging you in negative self talk.

So here you stand with the very creation that you have dreamed into a manifested/manifesting state and the same you starts to almost talk it out of existence. Yes it’s a quandary but it need not be.

Try this instead. Silence your mind for a moment. Take a few deep breaths, or place your attention on a physical object or landscape, and let your thoughts ease. Now check in with your feelings and take time to describe these to yourself. How do you feel? Where is it warm? Where are you buzzing? Where in you feels at peace? You may discover other sensations like elation, excitement, bliss, wonder, awe and gratitude. Stay in the feeling state a little while longer. Really soak up the abundance of good energy that circulates your being.

Look at your project again – this new reality that you have manifested. With your heart open and excitement coursing through your veins, continue with your leap of faith.

The flow is already coming to you. No need to block it and certainly you won’t want to control this. All that is required is your allowing and subsequent joyfulness at your own creative magnificence.

This is yours. You deserve every delicious feeling that arises. Know that no one can take this away from you, especially not yourself if you stay in faith and the present moment.

Feel more, fear less and keep living the dream.

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The Gift Of Being Present.

The Gift Of Being Present.

Picture the perfect deserted island with pure white sand sliding between your toes as you walk peacefully. It is plentiful with all that you need to nourish yourself. The sun shines brightly and shelter abounds allowing fresh breeze to maintain a comfortable temperature. You have no worries in the world, no meeting to rush to, no traffic to contest and no financial responsibilities. Your mood is one of complete joy and relaxation, the ultimate emotional cocktail.

Now look away from this writing and what is it you see? Just the objects. Yes objects of this reality right now. Which one is your favourite? Why? It makes you feel good right? It is part of your reality. Thank the Universe that it is yours.

Look at your partner, your child or children, or if alone, think of someone you adore.

Breathe in the beautiful feeling that they exude. This is your reality. Thank the Universe that they are in your life.

Sit quietly and hold your other hand. Feel it slowly and discover the shape of your palm, the dip before you connect to your fingers, the lines, the creases, the softness or roughness. Sit quieter still and feel the energy in your hands. Your life source, your own enchanting essential self vibrating gently with energy. How incredible that you can touch and sense so much through your finger tips. This is you. Thank the Universe for all of your senses for they allow you experience all of the obvious and subtle beauty that crosses your path each moment.

Make yourself a promise that tomorrow you will notice three ultimate sensory experiences.

It might mean really smelling the delicious coffee before it reaches your lips. Truly smelling it. It could be poignantly noticing the soft fur of your pet as you give it a morning cuddle. Perhaps it will be breathing in the sea air and honestly noticing the freshness it delivers to the insides of your nostrils.

There are many more wonderful experiences that you will discover if only you will allow yourself to be present. You do not need to go on holidays to that picture perfect tranquil island to enjoy life. No it is in the moments that you truly allow yourself the gift of being present that will shape your everyday into something magnificent. It costs you nothing and yet rewards you endlessly.

Your Path To Success.

Your Path To Success.

There are paths walked by many and yet not always appropriate for all. Some will diverge, put heads together and concoct the new and different life experiences that they will live during this lifetime and that others can choose to live.

It is not to say that one path is better than another. Simply they are different. From this difference arises more choice and an increase in possibilities. Ideas are given testing grounds and for those whom these paths or even lifestyles resonate with, they will be naturally drawn. For those who do not resonate, they may try to or use their minds and wills to follow the same path but their heart’s will become heavier.

If this is your experience right now perhaps it is time to explore what paths are on offer. Allow yourself to discover the one that excites you. Follow it, trust in the change and know that if it is moving your core and making you feel alive then it is in alignment with your desires.

Perchance, should more of the paths you see not stir a significant interest then it could be timely for you to be the pioneer and charter your own new terrain. It could be a place, a project, a role, a way of solving a challenge that no-one else has knowledge of.

Take courage when undertaking new projects, significant life changes, start ups or implementing your visions, for they are not limited to you and your life. Through you, these initiatives will always contribute to wider humanity, communities, families and most often, your own family. Often times, to live your own life fully, this stepping forth into a not-yet-known experience really is your only choice.

You know that you feel the desire, the pull of this calling, so allow yourself to be the servant of this direction.

You do not need to push, not unless you “believe” that you have to push! Focus on the desire and then allow the flow. The secret here is to notice all of the small gifts along the way for they are here to remind you that yes, this feels good, my desires are becoming realities and the Universe is delivering.

You are all creative for you all create your reality.

Whether it is a reality that fills your soul and heart with joy or one that disappoints, come back to you and survey the beliefs you have. What are your default thoughts that you entertain? What are the opinions you have of yourself and do they support you or undermine you?

Keep choosing. Choose the positivity, choose love, choose possibility, choose to believe in magic and so it will all be yours.

Set your self the small task of checking in with your thoughts for one hour each day. Simply notice what they are. Do not indulge your thoughts and avoid judging yourself for having them. Ok, now what areas or what thoughts or opinions would you like to tweak? How can you transform these to better reflect the happiness, success, or even love that you desire?

Put this into practice. If you tell yourself for example, that your brother is more successful and really has the business brain in the family and you don’t, shift this into a higher more self serving gear. “My brother is so clever at business and how wonderful that I can tap into his knowledge and experience AND add my talent and skill for relating so well to people/customers!” How much better do you feel when you read this?

Eliminate any of the competitive thoughts or comparisons with others. You are you. We all have our unique set of gifts, talents, passions and experiences. Focus on this. All of the other stuff is simply time-wasting static that diverts you from your true course. Do an inventory of all your skills, talents, capabilities, experience and list what gives you ultimate pleasure. This is very important, for when we come from pure desire, we always succeed.

If we are only focusing on money then that’s all you get, money. If you are focusing on all of the joys of success, then guess what? This will be your experience: a joyful exciting journey and success that truly reflects a rich happiness.

You can have it all. Anyone who told you that you cannot, didn’t have it all.

Make your decision today to choose to live a fulfilling and successful life on every level and take note of all of the signs that this is your reality now. Gratitude will only ever bring you closer to your wildest dreams.

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Choose The Now.

Choose The Now.

The sensation of emotion is a varied tool. From it’s simplest purpose of allowing you to feel happiness, contentment, excitement and love to being an indicator of where your mind is currently at.

Emotions can be your guide. They can be your way of knowing how you are feeling in this very moment.

Do you feel at peace? Yes? This is wonderful.

Do you feel uneasy? Are you worried, stressed or feeling low? This too is wonderful. For these emotions are guiding you to know that “mind” or thinking has taken over. Rather than being in the present moment it is likely that you are thinking of the past that you cannot change, or ahead into a future that you cannot control.

If this resonates with you while reading this, know that you can tweak your emotions by choosing your thoughts, or even choosing to let them go. If in this instant you come back to your now, you will start to feel calmer, more tranquil.

Come back to the now and sit with me in this. Look around. What do you see? Disregard feelings for a moment and simply observe. What you see is in your present. What you smell or taste is in your present. When we do this the mind stops projecting thoughts or analysis on potential future situations. Instead your attention (and you) reside in the now. You are in the present moment. Experience this a moment longer.

It feels good doesn’t it? It’s nice to have the space for the soul, mind and heart to be at peace, for the emotions to give you a sense of joy in this tranquility. This is called consciousness.

When your mind, attention and being are focused on the moment you are conscious. You will notice that your interactions with others are further enriched. You detect the subtle beauty of your relationships and experience the magic of your life in an expanded way.

Apply this to your work. Be in the moment, attend to your projects, tasks and meetings with attention on the now. The results are always improved.

Know that you are required to undertake the task and that you have the choice to do this in a focused and more relaxed way.

It is simply your outlook and perception that ultimately counts. For the deadline is a deadline. A due date. How you arrive at this – in a focused calm way in the moment, or a projected stressful way focused on the future with fear or dread, is your choice. Your approach does not change the existence of the deadline.

Your conscious attention on the task will transform the experience into one of enjoyment and satisfaction. Do not be surprised if the quality of the outcome is also enhanced.

Check in with yourself. While at work, or at home, or at the gym or even out at dinner. Check in with your emotions. If they feel positive and agreeable to you, continue in your joyful moments. On the contrary, if they are bringing you down, restricting your happiness or tying you up in knots, start tweaking. For with the focus on the now, your wellbeing and countenance will improve.

After all if your thoughts are on the past, this has already happened and no amount of thinking will change what has occurred. And if you continuously think of the future, this too is in the future. It hasn’t happened yet and you cannot control this either.

This is why we choose the now. This is the moment you can affect with your choice to be in the present. Enjoy this and allow many more wonderful moments (or nows) to flow to you.

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The Global Ascension Process 

The Global Ascension Process 

Let’s talk “Ascension”. Different stages of human evolution have occurred due to the ascension process. Across the globe an energetic vibration of illumination sweeps. There are periods in time where this has affected a significant number en masse. 

The vibration is circulated, the receptors in physical form interpret the illumination and, as a consequence, evolution occurs. 

This can be seen in the industrial revolution where the receptors were able to intellectually charge and create a new reality that would transform your civilisation. 

In the late 60s and 70s the receptors in your hearts were affected by illumination with the revelation that all were equal regardless of race, in contrast to the former division that had ensued. And so many of you opened your hearts globally and raised children with love, acceptance and respect for diversity. 

Another ascension is upon you globally. This ascension process is centred around your choices to manifest, to be mindful and to be aware that you are the creators of your reality.  

This new ascension is being assimilated through your hearts for you are choosing love, honesty and positivity. You willingly discard fear and many of you abandon the limitations that your parents, families, friends and colleagues may have adhered, or still adhere to. 

The integration is transforming your minds for you are now aware that the reality you live in, is the one you have created. You are mindful of the thoughts that do not serve your greater good and you let go of negativity and doubt

The concept of manifestation, law of attraction, understanding your mirrors, and giving birth to all of your desires continues to be shared amongst humanity. With it more and more individuals are discovering true joy. They have the knowledge that mindfulness, living in the present, is the key to freedom of the spirit. You are able to witness and experience all of the beauty in the present moment. Naturally, more beauty and wonder will continue to flow in your life. 

Now there is even more magic on its way. For while you begin to have fun creating the joyful life you desire, whilst focusing on the impeccable now, you will soon join together large groups to manifest your global future- sans war, inequality, degradation, division and so forth. This is the future vision that many of you have seen, channeled, feel or “just know” is on its way. 

Continue on your path of exploration of all of the wonderful possibilities. 

There are times you will sense it advantageous to share your knowledge of this new ascension with others who will benefit from the law of attraction or the simplicity of mindfulness. 

The ascension I talk of is in its birthing stage and continues to circulate with ease. What an exciting time to experience your individual ascension and your personal contributions to the global ascension that vibrates stronger each moment?!

Integrating Your Soul With Your Humanness

Integrating Your Soul With Your Humanness

Soul is an interesting thing. In this incarnation as human it becomes encased in human body and mind. Yet it is still limitless, as far reaching and expansive as the galaxies you imagine might exist, but never ever know of. 

The soul continues unperturbed by human emotion or your thinking. It is not affected by the myriad of experiences you have, nor by your emotional responses or reactions and certainly not by your overthinking or judgements. 

It is the reason that you are always able to tap into the deep calm within you when you quieten your mind. 

Each one of you is made up of the deep calm within. No matter how detached you may choose to be from this, or how far you remove yourself from this inner calm through aggressive actions, angry outbursts or bouts of debilitating fear – the deep calm resides. As constant as the ocean it sways gently. 

The beauty in knowing this is that you can always, at any time, return to your deep calm and allow yourself to be at one with the very peaceful soul that is yours. If your mind begins to wander, dragging you down with it’s nagging talk, you can pause. Breathe and allow yourself to be at ease. Meditation will assist you to achieve this connection. 

Taking time to rest, stopping everything, even for a few moments, to breathe into the deep calm within will help you access this. 

Yes, the soul is eternal and so very wise for it will always have lived more times than your human mind has. 

Reap the benefits of your own aged and distinguished wisdom. Quieten, go within and allow all of the most beautiful and profoundly loving answers to rise to the surface of your human form. 

Allow your soul and humanness to integrate fully and enrich further every single moment and experience in this lifetime. 

Feel it? Yes, it is yours. Go ahead and enjoy.