Choose The Now.

Choose The Now.

The sensation of emotion is a varied tool. From it’s simplest purpose of allowing you to feel happiness, contentment, excitement and love to being an indicator of where your mind is currently at.

Emotions can be your guide. They can be your way of knowing how you are feeling in this very moment.

Do you feel at peace? Yes? This is wonderful.

Do you feel uneasy? Are you worried, stressed or feeling low? This too is wonderful. For these emotions are guiding you to know that “mind” or thinking has taken over. Rather than being in the present moment it is likely that you are thinking of the past that you cannot change, or ahead into a future that you cannot control.

If this resonates with you while reading this, know that you can tweak your emotions by choosing your thoughts, or even choosing to let them go. If in this instant you come back to your now, you will start to feel calmer, more tranquil.

Come back to the now and sit with me in this. Look around. What do you see? Disregard feelings for a moment and simply observe. What you see is in your present. What you smell or taste is in your present. When we do this the mind stops projecting thoughts or analysis on potential future situations. Instead your attention (and you) reside in the now. You are in the present moment. Experience this a moment longer.

It feels good doesn’t it? It’s nice to have the space for the soul, mind and heart to be at peace, for the emotions to give you a sense of joy in this tranquility. This is called consciousness.

When your mind, attention and being are focused on the moment you are conscious. You will notice that your interactions with others are further enriched. You detect the subtle beauty of your relationships and experience the magic of your life in an expanded way.

Apply this to your work. Be in the moment, attend to your projects, tasks and meetings with attention on the now. The results are always improved.

Know that you are required to undertake the task and that you have the choice to do this in a focused and more relaxed way.

It is simply your outlook and perception that ultimately counts. For the deadline is a deadline. A due date. How you arrive at this – in a focused calm way in the moment, or a projected stressful way focused on the future with fear or dread, is your choice. Your approach does not change the existence of the deadline.

Your conscious attention on the task will transform the experience into one of enjoyment and satisfaction. Do not be surprised if the quality of the outcome is also enhanced.

Check in with yourself. While at work, or at home, or at the gym or even out at dinner. Check in with your emotions. If they feel positive and agreeable to you, continue in your joyful moments. On the contrary, if they are bringing you down, restricting your happiness or tying you up in knots, start tweaking. For with the focus on the now, your wellbeing and countenance will improve.

After all if your thoughts are on the past, this has already happened and no amount of thinking will change what has occurred. And if you continuously think of the future, this too is in the future. It hasn’t happened yet and you cannot control this either.

This is why we choose the now. This is the moment you can affect with your choice to be in the present. Enjoy this and allow many more wonderful moments (or nows) to flow to you.

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The Global Ascension Process 

The Global Ascension Process 

Let’s talk “Ascension”. Different stages of human evolution have occurred due to the ascension process. Across the globe an energetic vibration of illumination sweeps. There are periods in time where this has affected a significant number en masse. 

The vibration is circulated, the receptors in physical form interpret the illumination and, as a consequence, evolution occurs. 

This can be seen in the industrial revolution where the receptors were able to intellectually charge and create a new reality that would transform your civilisation. 

In the late 60s and 70s the receptors in your hearts were affected by illumination with the revelation that all were equal regardless of race, in contrast to the former division that had ensued. And so many of you opened your hearts globally and raised children with love, acceptance and respect for diversity. 

Another ascension is upon you globally. This ascension process is centred around your choices to manifest, to be mindful and to be aware that you are the creators of your reality.  

This new ascension is being assimilated through your hearts for you are choosing love, honesty and positivity. You willingly discard fear and many of you abandon the limitations that your parents, families, friends and colleagues may have adhered, or still adhere to. 

The integration is transforming your minds for you are now aware that the reality you live in, is the one you have created. You are mindful of the thoughts that do not serve your greater good and you let go of negativity and doubt

The concept of manifestation, law of attraction, understanding your mirrors, and giving birth to all of your desires continues to be shared amongst humanity. With it more and more individuals are discovering true joy. They have the knowledge that mindfulness, living in the present, is the key to freedom of the spirit. You are able to witness and experience all of the beauty in the present moment. Naturally, more beauty and wonder will continue to flow in your life. 

Now there is even more magic on its way. For while you begin to have fun creating the joyful life you desire, whilst focusing on the impeccable now, you will soon join together large groups to manifest your global future- sans war, inequality, degradation, division and so forth. This is the future vision that many of you have seen, channeled, feel or “just know” is on its way. 

Continue on your path of exploration of all of the wonderful possibilities. 

There are times you will sense it advantageous to share your knowledge of this new ascension with others who will benefit from the law of attraction or the simplicity of mindfulness. 

The ascension I talk of is in its birthing stage and continues to circulate with ease. What an exciting time to experience your individual ascension and your personal contributions to the global ascension that vibrates stronger each moment?!

Integrating Your Soul With Your Humanness

Integrating Your Soul With Your Humanness

Soul is an interesting thing. In this incarnation as human it becomes encased in human body and mind. Yet it is still limitless, as far reaching and expansive as the galaxies you imagine might exist, but never ever know of. 

The soul continues unperturbed by human emotion or your thinking. It is not affected by the myriad of experiences you have, nor by your emotional responses or reactions and certainly not by your overthinking or judgements. 

It is the reason that you are always able to tap into the deep calm within you when you quieten your mind. 

Each one of you is made up of the deep calm within. No matter how detached you may choose to be from this, or how far you remove yourself from this inner calm through aggressive actions, angry outbursts or bouts of debilitating fear – the deep calm resides. As constant as the ocean it sways gently. 

The beauty in knowing this is that you can always, at any time, return to your deep calm and allow yourself to be at one with the very peaceful soul that is yours. If your mind begins to wander, dragging you down with it’s nagging talk, you can pause. Breathe and allow yourself to be at ease. Meditation will assist you to achieve this connection. 

Taking time to rest, stopping everything, even for a few moments, to breathe into the deep calm within will help you access this. 

Yes, the soul is eternal and so very wise for it will always have lived more times than your human mind has. 

Reap the benefits of your own aged and distinguished wisdom. Quieten, go within and allow all of the most beautiful and profoundly loving answers to rise to the surface of your human form. 

Allow your soul and humanness to integrate fully and enrich further every single moment and experience in this lifetime. 

Feel it? Yes, it is yours. Go ahead and enjoy. 

War Won’t Always Exist.

War Won’t Always Exist.

Humanity walks a gentle path alongside the sea shore. The waves tenderly lapping at collective feet and refreshing the sensors at the tips of many toes. Into the distance multiple eyes view the future and place stones of best intentions into the sea to be carried away slowly like seeds that will later germinate. You let go of the stones, trust in the tides and know that your new vision will spring forth on the destined shores. 

Right now on foreign shores realities are challenged with fear and violence. Security seems a privilege of the past. The days are filled with gun fire and hunger and the nights with sorrow and the desire for escape. Many have forgotten that these people are your brothers and your sisters, their children your kin.

In this forgetting some are capable of actions of anger and violence. They will exist in their ego and do what it takes to win. 

And yet there can be no winner when power is taken from another. 

Whilst ever someone loses there can be no victory for you are, dear humans, brothers and sisters. 

These wars you wage, the injustices you serve, the violent crimes you commit in the name of a symbol, a flag, a leader, are always viewed by future generations as barbaric and unnecessary. For you continue to evolve as does your understanding of history. Your compassion continues to collectively develop and there will be a time when war will no longer exist. 

Humanity, on a global scale, will no longer desire to live the same mistake repeatedly. 

More and more of you in this lifetime continue to disagree with war, despise it even. Your media sends you images and stories to justify these happenings and still inside your tummies and your souls, even your hearts, you do not want this. You feel powerless as you witness your governments, your armies and forces force their power on to others. 

What if you were all to turn your backs on war, if you stood tall together and deliberately faced the other way, away from the war stories in the papers or on the news? What if you refused to read online updates or share them or comment on them? 

What if you all looked the other way, over the horizon of the sea and put your attention on how the world and humanity could live harmoniously and peacefully? 

What if you focused on this, felt it to be true and desired this? Believed in it? 

There is your answer. There is your life-altering answer.

Magic is the Daily Reality.

Magic is the Daily Reality.

The shadows of footprints left behind many moons ago are still there energetically. Those who walked with wisdom and tradition across the bare earth set forth with intention. They carried purpose in their souls and dreams in their hearts. They looked into the distance, tall and proud, aware of all of the beautiful possibilities they would live during this lifetime, knowing their children would too experience lush treasures. They were wanderers of the land, roaming freely and lightly. For what use is luggage or baggage to one whose spirit is so free?

You forefathers, your foremothers and ancestors had attained much in the understanding of the ways of nature and the pathways of the human soul. Their hearts open, they bestowed an eagerness to guide their children gently and with the intention to pass on the great knowledge that they had lived and also received from their elders.

The magic is this: when they saw a shooting star they knew it would signal the birth, of what was later to be, a wise and respected elder.

One who would arrive in this lifetime with extra knowledge from the Spirits. They might know what concoction to create to cure that snake bite that had eluded others thus far. They might come bearing stories of the stars, never told before, to prepare their people for the changes ahead or the natural disasters that would later occur.

They knew that magic, is of course, everywhere.

They could sense the souls of trees, communicate with the animal spirits and so live in harmony, without fear of extinction, in nature eternally. There was no reason to fear anything at all. For in reading the signs and being connected, they would know when to move on, when to hunt, when to swim or not swim in a water hole.

Humanity has been gifted with the ability to connect with nature on a soul level. To connect with it in a way that language is not needed and still the deep understanding emanates to one’s core.

Your buildings are bold and magnificent. Don’t let them block your view of this innate ability to connect completely with nature. This interconnectedness runs through your veins, your own inner starscape.

Breathe in the air, breathe in nature herself, the trees, the flowers, the salty breeze. Allow yourself to be at one with the eternal elements and sense the magic that your ancestors lived daily.

Reach out, touch the stars and allow this to also be your daily reality.

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Calling all Healers, Energy Workers & Light Practitioners.

Calling all Healers, Energy Workers & Light Practitioners.

Crystals carry energetic properties to support healing, allow flow, provide clarity, stimulate creativity and various other purposes. Charged within the soil directly by the earth’s core, they await the time to deliver their purpose more noticeably in the outside world. 

It is not that they do not already exist in possession of these energetic properties. It is their eventual discovery by humans that brings their magic to light. By this, I mean the light of day. For their magic has always existed, under the earth’s top surface, humming away and aligning energies. This is what they know to do, to carry and transform energies.

Now it is time for many of you, the healers, the energy workers, the light practitioners to climb from the undergrowth, feel the sun on your face and bare your gifts. You know you have always had them.

On some level, to some degree, you have known that you have a gift, or a kind of purpose, less tangible than other purposes, to share. And you do.

You no longer need to fear what others think, doubt yourself or hold back. It is your time to shine and conduct more light so as to energetically connect with others and raise the vibrations.

Humanity is ready to evolve to the next level. With so many of you awake and so many more of you awakening, you are creating shifts and dynamics to shape the next phase of your humanity. It is beautiful, it is wonderful, love is on the rise.

Keep doing what you do. Discard any expectation of perfection. Healing, facilitating, sharing and shifting energies does not require any standard to be met.

Always come from the purest of intentions, the highest love and allow flow to pervade all that you do.

Come forth, be brave and let your own crystal light flood your surrounds. It does not matter whether others can describe this or comprehend why. It is enough that they feel you, that they experience your soul’s divinity. You are the mirror and your light soul is enough to transform many without you pushing or demanding.

All that is needed is your soulful divine presence. Share this, do not hide away. Much light and love is being exchanged from spirit world to your world. Conduct this energetic connection as if you were joining the dots. Gently, patiently, until your world is lit up like the night sky full of stars.

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Honesty is the Door to Healing.

Honesty is the Door to Healing.

We may choose to tell ourselves stories that set our life’s scenery. At times we may embellish these to create a bigger picture of how we are and how things seem. We may become so attached to the painted pictures that we believe this is how it has always been. Our memories are coloured with our own repetition and hence our life canvas may appear quite differently to the blueprint that has actually been our lived experience.

For many the colourful canvas is easier to view. It is easier to live with and provides a kind of comfort that the true reality never did.

Ultimately we are wanting that state of comfortability, that life of happiness and ease, to sail smooth waters. Yet are we risking ourselves the opportunity to gain from life’s valuable challenges and experiences? For when we shut down our reality we close our growth off to the possibilities of any learning associated with contrast.

The key here is to let go of shame, to let go of embarrassment and accept ourselves and our lives as they are. It is not to say that one must not dream of brighter futures, more abundance and calmer waters. It is to acknowledge that “yes I have lived this, I am here now and have gained wisdom and insight from the experience.”

Do not care for the opinions, thoughts or judgements of others, for these have no space in the heart and soul.

Let go of the ego voice that takes over and fools you into believing that this is more important than facing your own realities truthfully.

Perfection is not required nor expected.

Expansion of your wisdom, growth within your heart and discovering unconditional love will always outweigh the value of another’s opinion of you.

Let it all go, cast any denial aside and allow yourself the beauty of the freedom attained from being completely honest with yourself. This surrender will open the door to the healing you deserve and ultimately set you free.

Self love awaits you – the greatest love of all.

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