Climbing Your Mountain.

The universe is made up of change and dynamic shifts. When at one point you feel it is stable and stagnant the plates will shift. It is like reaching a new precipice, it is stable and secure. Yet if the mountain shifts, so to will you climb higher to the next secure precipice.

Life is like this to encourage you to grow, to go higher and to learn more. And with the new found wisdom so too will another experience arrive to stretch you into an even more expansive version of yourself, if you allow it. This is faith. This is growth. This is development of one’s self and one’s soul.

So as you reach for the ledge overhead to pull yourself up, do not worry about those below. They too are growing, learning and climbing the mountain one precipice at a time.

They will always be loved and looked after on their individual journey of spiritual growth and expansiveness of their soul.

Lose not sight of compassion for this is not a competition. There is no clock to race against for time is not the measure of achievements here. It is the ever expanding soul that is the result. There are no opponents to beat. You alone are stretching yourself to learn more, love more, give more, expand your compassion and lengthen your flexibility.

Stay focused on the task at hand. On how you will master climbing the next ledge while balancing compassion and letting go of any ego.

There is no place for ego in the advancement of the spirit. There is acknowledgement of the ego’s cries for attention, yes.

Yet it is our awareness in the moment of these calls for attention, our silent acknowledgement and pursuit of the lesson that is of greater significance.

Send love to the ledges below, to ledges above for no-one is better nor more advanced. You each have your own mountain to navigate, no two mountains are the same. Hence no two climbers are the same.

Yet your journey is the most universal truth that ultimately binds you all.

Focus on that ledge above and in your heart wish all climbers as much success as you so hungrily desire.

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